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  • Auteur: Benjamin Lewin
  • Date de publication: 01/01/2004
  • Isbn: 0-13-123924-4
  • Nombre de pages: 2.11 Kg
  • Format: fb2, ibooks, azw, odf, epub, lit, pdf, mobi, cbt
  • Ean: 9780131239241
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  • Résumé

  • Two decades ago Benjamin Lewin’s Genes revolutionized the way we think about and teach molecular biology and molecular genetics. His approach unified the discipline by providing an integrated account of the structure and function of genes in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Setting a standard for currency, Genes continually embraces emerging trends in this field, such as introducing the molecular aspect of the gene before the traditional analysis of formal genetics. Genes VIII continues to innovate; expanding the early discussion of the genome and integrating new information on gene sequencing throughout the text. New Features: Numbered headings and a list of key concepts introduce each section; Each key concept is paired with an illustration; End of chapter references are now organized by section New and Updated Content: Human and mouse genome sequence data integrated throughout; Coverage of recent advances in genomics and genome organization • DNA replication, repair and recombination; Transcription and translation; Cancer and signal transduction. Genes VIII includes access to an innovative Website featuring a complete E-book with Flash illustrations. The text will be continuously updated online, providing coverage of the most recent advances in the field.

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