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  • Auteur: Jean-Claude Bartoll
  • Date de publication: 20/08/2009
  • Isbn: 978-1-905460-96-0
  • Nombre de pages: 0.185 Kg
  • Format: fb2, ibooks, azw, odf, epub, lit, pdf, mobi, cbt
  • Ean: 9781905460960
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  • Résumé

  • An exciting thriller set within the corridors of power. They are businessmen, politicians or first-rate financiers… But many of them are only the visible cogs of a vast worldwide mafia, its activities hidden underground but its façade increasingly legal… Faced with this threat that undermines what’s let’ of our democracies, the White flouse decides to rise te the challenge. Its secret weapon: Nalah! Officially, she will become the right arm of one of the secret Bosses…
    ln reality, Naiah is an undercover agent. An Insider… Her mission: Bring the various heads of the mafia hydra to light in a gigantic, global game of poker!

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